On arriving in Australia you enter your dream, and a new world, your new home.

Australia have strict programs on entering Australia with regards to food, wood objects etc.  The strict policies when entering Australia advises migrants to declare everything, even in terms of form.  Read the landing guidelines carefully.

It is preferred that you arrange transport with family and friends beforehand. However, taxi services are available at the Airport in order to transport you to your destination. The larger taxi services are:

Accommodation should be arranged prior to landing.  Hotel accommodation are readily available in Australia. Renting are primarily divided into “long stay” and “short stay”.  Assistance can be obtained from the following websites:

Remember the following:

  • Register with Medicare:  
    Medicare is the Government Scheme that provides help with basic medical expenses.
  • Apply for a Tax File number (TFN):
    You will need a tax file number to receive any income in Australia.  This application can be done online.
  • Bank Account:
    The majors banks are:
  • Centre Link:
    Centre link assist with job search with family assistant payments and may help with cost of bringing up a family
  • Schooling:  
    It is compulsory that children attend school until they are 15 years. Further detail about public schools and private schools as well as TAFE is available.
  • Drivers License:
    If you do have a valid driver’s license of your country, you may be able to drive in Australia for the first three months after your arrival, where after you will need to apply for a Driver’s license.
  • Employment:
    Employment websites that are useful searching for employment are: